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Build your brand awareness strategy, look at those which brands have been successful, and mirror techniques they’ve used

Some companies have already built a base of customers that are perfect for you. So another effective way to build brand awareness is to leverage partnerships with those brands.

Complementary partnerships

Complementary partnerships, in particular, work great. Simply put, they are collaborations with businesses that sell products that compliment your products.

For example, tourism services complement airline services because tourists who want to travel will need to board an aircraft (unless it’s a cruise or road trip, of course). Therefore, services having to do with airlines do well to work with tourism businesses. You help them, and they help you. You use each other’s target audience to raise awareness of your brand.

Finding complementary partners is that they have almost no reason to reject your offer no matter how big they are—because you’ll be creating a win-win situation for both you and them; they’ll be selling, and you will be, too.

Partner with podcasters and start your podcast.

50+ million Americans listen to audio podcasts monthly. Moreover, the popularity of podcasts continues to gain momentum (both audio and video).

Just like complementary partners, some podcasters have already built the audience you want to cater to; get in touch and partner with them, or start your own.

It’s important to note that podcasting isn’t a 100% full-proof medium to build brand awareness. People don’t listen to podcasts to hear a sales pitch, and they do so to be entertained or learn new things that are important to them.

Open any of these podcasts. Each one will teach you something that will help you run your business and inform you. a business strategy that they or someone else is using effect so you can be successful. In addition, you learn from someone else’s personal growth and their encounters with difficulties.

Add videos to your brand awareness strategy.

Video consumption is getting bigger by the day; one study from Cisco says marketing videos will represent a whopping 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019. So it makes sense to consider videos as a via brand awareness tactic.

Over 40% for a 45-second video, the campaign performed well above Facebook, where only 22% of viewers finish an entire 30-second video on average, according to eMarketer.

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Boost Your SEO Efforts

The digital landscape and user needs are changing rapidly. Long gone are the days when brands could rely solely on promotional material and various advertising methods. Today, companies have to take on a more user-centric approach to marketing.

That is where content marketing and SEO come in! The best way to put your brand name out there in today’s growingly digital world is by getting it on top of Google search results. The way you do that is simple by creating highly engaging and valuable content.

If getting to the top of Google SERPs was that easy, anyone could do it! However, there is much more to it than simply writing quality content. Namely, you will have to do some extensive keyword research first. That will teach you what users are searching for on the internet and give you an excellent idea of how you can help them.

Active Social Media Presence

Another must-use method for increasing brand awareness is being active on various social media. Currently, more than 50% of the planet is active on social networks, making it a medium with an incredible reach that brands must not ignore. In addition, because of social media, businesses can now market themselves in places where they couldn’t have just years ago. All of that makes it a must-use tool for all companies worldwide.

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