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Email Validation Service

How Do We Append Data? ​

Step 1 – Submit

We analyze the quality and fill with your data file.

Step 2 – Match Test

After a match test, we will fix price per record.

Step 3 – Process

Match your entire database with our master database.

Step 4 – Records Verified

Successful matches are verified by our in-house verification experts to ensure valid data.

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How Our Email Validation Service Improve Your Business?

Email Validation is a key to authenticate the genuineness of your list. Email validation is an approach to validate the contact records in your lists and guarantee that they are genuine. It is through email validation that you can quantify the quality of your marketing list.

Imagine this situation; you expend a week concocting/arranging to send out an email campaign. You are confident enough that your content is appropriate but what happens afterward is a gloomy issue. You see more than half of your emails in the junk folder. After all your efforts, bulks of your emails were not even delivered! On exploring you find out that most of your email addresses on your list either do not exist or are not updated. So updating your database in right time will make you be on the peak in the market.

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