With our B2B and B2C lead generation and marketing services, marketers their business by reaching prospects across the Globe; here are the Email lists of what we offer

  • Technology User List
    Get in touch with the top technology users, and IT Decision makes to promote your products with end -to end Technology email list
  • Health care Email List
    Reach out to the Healthcare professionals, experts, and hospitals with our complete set of healthcare mailing list
  • C-level Email list
    Get to contact all the chief officers of various companies from different departments, with a verified C-level mailing list.
  • B2B Email list
    Maximize your ROI with our customized B2B Email lists from the industry’s most trusted database provider
  • Industry Email list
    Target your audience across industries with 85% deliverability guarantee on all your multi-channel marketing campaign.


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Head Office

E DATA GRID SOLUTIONS INC. 848 N. Rainbow Blvd, Unit #3119 Las Vegas, NV,89107

Corporate office

GILBERT DATA SOLUTIONS LLC #347, 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA

Contact Details

+1 212-372-7547 info@gilbertdb.com gilbertdb.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Gilbertdata has been a leader in specialised data products for 14 years. We offer comprehensive data management, cleaning, multi-channel verification, and other services. We fix data and provide niche knowledge to boost productivity. Custom data fields can boost your company’s bottom line, so we went the extra mile.


We obtain authentic information from offline and online sources such worldwide gatherings, face-to-face meetings, public directories and records, and governmental organisations. 
Our continually updated master database is selected with this information in mind, giving you access to highly detailed, validated data across several channels.


80% of our business comes from returning customers, and they all promote us and give referrals. Both the product and the client are important to Gilbertdata. If you’re expanding, we can offer reliable advice.


Everything about a contact is checked, double checked, and cleaned before it even makes it into our master data warehouse of 56+ million contacts. De-duplication, syntax error checking, blacklist screening, bounce and compliance check, spam and garbage removal, and data delivery validation are all part of our cleansing and validation process.


Information is ever-changing and unpredictable. This quarter’s business manager could be today’s chief executive officer at another firm. Customers are always on the go, so we verify the accuracy of their records on a regular basis.


Our deliverability percentage ranges from 90% to 95% because of our stringent data hygiene procedures, which in turn leads to a large number of repeat customers and satisfied end users who are happy to refer us to their friends.


We prepare the contact information in the required CSV fields and columns.


Single-use data purchases offer neither ownership nor access to the data. It’s single-use. You can choose from various usage options based on your campaign goals.