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Email Marketing Calendar: How to Plan and Track Your Campaign

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  • Email Marketing Calendar: How to Plan and Track Your Campaign
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Email Marketing Calendar: How to Plan and Track Your Campaign

Email marketing is the most widely used way of reaching potential and existing customers. It is also widely regarded as the most cost-effective means of marketing. But there’s a secret to email marketing: it’s not just about sending messages to your audience, but also about managing and optimizing your messages.

This is where an email marketing calendar comes in handy: it provides you with a calendar that allows you to plan, track and manage your campaigns efficiently. There are many different types of email marketing calendars you can use, depending on what platform you’re working with – such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook – and what features they offer. You can use them as a one-way or two-way synchronization tool, or simply as a centralized hub for all your email campaigns.

What is an email marketing calendar?

An email marketing calendar is a digital tool that helps you visualize your email marketing strategy. It also provides you with a dashboard to see how your messages are performing.

Email marketers use the calendar tool to track email campaigns, set up automatic messages, and schedule messages for future dates.

After all, even if most consumers — 72% according to Marketing Sherpa’s study — prefer to communicate with companies through email, it doesn’t mean they accept to receive any content in their inboxes.

Creating an editorial calendar for your strategy helps you by increasing the accuracy of your messages.

Nowadays, any professional in the market can use email marketing as a strategy to get closer to their buyer personas. With organization and planning, you can differentiate yourself.

What are the main benefits of this strategy?

A marketing calendar is a well-organized and detailed outline of what needs to be done to achieve specific marketing goals. It will help the marketers to allocate their time more efficiently and make sure they don’t miss out on any important date.

The benefits of this strategy are:

Higher quality of the contents produced

When you adopt a calendar to organize yourself, the tendency is for you to have more time to create relevant and quality content.

When sending your contacts a message, you need to make sure that it is a relevant one. This way, you create a bond with them based on the high quality of your content.

More precision to impact the user

With time and planning, it’s also possible to impact your public with greater accuracy, using email as a platform to approach the consumer.

Gathering this type of information that is available in most email marketing tools will help you to reach the right public, at the right time, on the right day.

Better performance of your team

The benefits, however, are not limited to the relationship with your contacts. The email marketing calendar also impacts your team’s productivity.

Definition of deadlines to be met

Haste makes waste, right? That goes for email marketing too.

The schedule helps your team plan the contents with enough time —avoiding delays.

This way, you increase the chances of creating high-quality messages. The schedule makes it easier to organize and control your strategy.

Better use of your contents

Your email marketing plan’s organization also serves to make better use of your old publications.

It’s not because you’ve already sent specific content that it becomes useless. The calendar allows you to see, for example, new dates to reuse old messages with a different subscriber.

Fewer surprises with emergencies

Emergencies happen, and sometimes they are out of your control. Since you cannot prevent them from happening, you must do everything to reduce as much as possible the impact of a more severe problem.

With an email marketing calendar, you have the security and plan to suffer less from potential surprises.

How to plan an email marketing calendar for your campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most popular and effective digital marketing channels. Sending out emails to your prospects and customers regularly will help you build relationships with them, reengage them with your brand, and encourage them to take action with your business.

An email marketing calendar is a great tool for marketers to follow to achieve consistency and success in their campaigns. It helps them set out a plan for when they send out their messages, how often they send messages, and what type of content they will be sending.

It also helps by setting up reminders so that they know when it’s time to create new content or update the design of their email template.

We recommend that you start by determining who your target audience is – this way you can

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