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Campaigns in email marketing

Best Practices to Implement Drip Email Campaigns in Email Marketing

What is Drip Email Campaigns in Email Marketing A drip email campaign, otherwise known as an automated email campaign, is a series of pre-written emails sent to marketing leads. A drip campaign starts during the awareness phase in the sales funnel when a leader finds out about the product or service and opts in for

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How to use Marketing Infographics to Attract Customers

How to use marketing infographics to attract customers

What is a Marketing infographic? Customer beings respond to visual stimuli more than auditory or experiential information, which combines text, visuals, icons and help users retain what they learn. the infographic does summarize the bulk of the blog content into bite-sized When an iconography is pleasantly design and content, it also becomes easily shareable Infographic

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Email verification software

What is the difference between email verification and email validation?

Email Verification  Email verification is a technical solution to verifying an email is not built, simply add, it supplies a way to validate an email originates from who it asserts to be from. Email authentication is most often used to block harmful or deceptive use of phishing and spam emails. If you send emails to

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Email Automation Marketing Software

How email marketing automation can help Achieve your B2B goals

What Email Marketing Automation B2B markers are often tasked with finding new leads, communicating with a potential customer, and identifying ways to seamlessly onboard new customers. The aim is to ensure the customer is getting the product with successful communication. Marketing automation platforms can be adaptable to the specific needs of a company. Below we

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February 20, 2018
How to write A Decent Subject Line for Marketing Emails

How to write A Decent Subject Line for Marketing Emails? – 5 Tips

How to write A Decent Subject Line for Marketing Emails? – 5 Tips How does one verify that emails you’d wish to see once you open your mailbox? Most consultants believe that it’s the name of the sender that the users initial scrutinize. If they see an associate email from or any such email

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