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Customer feedback is one of the biggest influencers on a company’s well-being.

If a company gets a positive review from a customer, it ensured their approval rating will see growth.

The more positive reviews you have, the more gratitude you get which leads to more conversions you stand to make.

Various sites have options to write a review for the local B2B business simple as having a computer with internet connection.

89% of B2B marketers say customer testimonials and case studies are the most effective of the content marketing tactics they implement.

92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review.

Email Blast

Reach out to your customers by sending a simple email asking to leave a review on the social sites!

Just take a few simple lines to explain your product or services share the link with the customer. They should leave a review on google my Business and include the direct link to your review forms.

You can send these emails to all the customers or a specific set of them. another best way to remind customers of the great experience. 52% of customers say they trust a product with a few negative reviews.

Are you starting to collect reviews?

Earliest, send an email to few customers whom you feel are likely to respond for your request.

Email Newsletter

Create the Newsletter template with a review button that leads the customer to which site you want the reviews and adds few questions to answer.

You can send newsletters weekly, monthly, and quarterly; it gives a constant reminder for your customer that you appreciate their feedback and want them to share the experience on social platforms.

Use Marketing Automation,

Marketing automation is a manual process which is the best initially ways to get a handful of reviews to get started with a key component of a successful customer review strategy. The con is simply not scalable.

Automated email campaigns and chatbot messages are the two most common ways to get reviews by asking few common questions.

Create a popup on the website and mobile application to ask directly common questions for the customer. Your automated review process needs to be personalized and triggered by key events.

Go Multi-Channel

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the three big B2B/B2C social Channels.

Do not ignore if most of your customers are engaged on other social channels like Instagram or Pinterest. But do not just start a new social account to collect reviews. If your audience isn’t there, don’t waste your time and effort on a social media channel that won’t perform well for you.

Event and conference

Think you host a conference or webinar for your product and services with all your customers all in one place engaged with only your company. This is the place to collect loads of reviews in a sharp sum of time.

Set up the feedback section for collecting reviews on the business listing: have some of your employees wander around the conference armed with cameras, and new reviews are loaded and ready to go, include A CTA in your follow-up email after the event encouraging attendees to leave a review of your software. These people are here because they use your software and want to learn more about it. Make sure you offer them the opportunity to express their feelings in a review.

Reviews on Your Website Repurpose 

Add up a page on your website with a few best clients’ reviews as testimonials. Trust elements are key to convert website visitors into leads, as 72% of web visitors will look for product reviews before making a purchase. Use the Capterra reviews to show these potential customers that your current customers love your product and recommend it to others.


No matter what your brand tells, social proof with customers’ reviews and recommendations is critical to build trust with prospects. Too many brands leave the review capture process to chance.

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