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6 Email Newsletter Best Practices Everyone Should Know

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  • 6 Email Newsletter Best Practices Everyone Should Know
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Email newsletters are a cheap and easy way for businesses to promote products and services. Today, there is a multitude of email campaign tools that can help you design, send, monitor, and analyze your email newsletter campaign

What Is Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of marketing that uses email to send one or more messages about a company’s products or services.

Email Marketing is the art of selling by sending an email. It is used for business-to-consumer communication, as well as for other purposes, such as fundraising and political campaigning.

The first step to successful email marketing is having an email list of people who are interested in your products or services, also known as subscribers. The second step entails designing the emails that will be sent out, which typically includes creating an enticing subject line to encourage recipients to open their emails. Finally, the emails should be carefully crafted to entice the reader into taking some sort of action – whether it’s clicking on a link in your email, signing up for your newsletter, or simply purchasing

Here are 6 email newsletter best practices everyone should know:

  1. Create a Catchy Subject Line

Subject lines are important for email marketing. A subject line that is catchy and relevant to the content of the email will increase the chances of somebody opening up your message.

A good subject line should be creative, memorable, and relevant to your brand. It should also be short and succinct. Avoid clichés like “Free Gift!” or “Happy Birthday!”

  1. Create an Informative Pre-Header

Nowadays, most marketing professionals are using email marketing. The pre-header is the first line of an email that is displayed to the recipient before they open the message. It should be short, informational with one call-to-action.

A pre-header is typically a small piece of text that appears in front of the content in an email so that readers can quickly scan through it to find out what’s inside or if they want to read more. The key purpose of a pre-header is to convince readers to click through and read your message.”

The best way to approach writing a pre-header is by making it succinct and informative. A well-written one should contain

  • One call-to-action (CTA)


  1. Use the Layout Smartly

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your product or service. The layout of an email plays an important role in the success rate of the campaign.

This section will help you learn about what factors you should consider before designing your email layout, including creating engaging content, creating a visually-appealing template, and ensuring readability.

  1. Add Call-to-Action Buttons

CTAs are one of the most important buttons for your conversion. By adding these buttons, you can convince your recipients to take different actions, from following you on social media to shopping on your website. Furthermore, according to a Campaign Monitor study, you can increase your click-through rates by 28% by replacing simple text links with Call-to-Action buttons.

Keep in mind that Call-to-Action buttons should be visible and attention-grabbing. For instance, in the example, above we can see how strategically the CTAs are placed. Moreover, it is worth noting that in this case, the picture is clickable, too. So, the viewers will find themselves on this brand’s website even after accidentally clicking on the image.

  1. Personalize Your Emails

Try to send personalized emails to your audience. Customized emails create a more humanized and personal connection between your brand and your customer segment. If you opened your mailbox and came across an email which is tailored to your needs, you would be more inclined to open it, right

So, put your first-hand individual experience into business thinking. Personalized emails will help to increase your retention rate, which in its turn will lead to higher conversion. Personalized emails may include newsletters that inform your subscribers about the new arrivals that may interest them based on their previous purchases or viewed items or a special email wishing them a happy birthday. Let’s agree that receiving such an email would make most people feel special. You can even add a little bit of spice by giving them a birthday discount. Just like in the example you can find below

  1. Add Visual Content

Imagine opening an email and seeing several paragraphs of information without any visual treats. It would be incredibly boring, and you wouldn’t even read it. Is that a company trying to boost its business or a letter from the municipality? Ah, wait, not the best comparison. The chances that you would eventually read the latter are higher. A recent study found that you can increase your click-through rate by 300% by just including a video in your emails. Crazy, right


So, try to give your audience some visual treats. Flavor your emails with different engaging images, videos, GIFs, or animations. See a couple of brilliant examples below

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