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June 20, 2022
6 Email Marketing Tips for B2B Financial Services

Over the past several years, one of the fastest-changing industries has been of business-to-business (B2B) finance. As traditional modes of banking have been replaced by faster transactions and alternative forms of banking, companies have been able to make the most of their financial resources through innovations in technology, such as apps and automation. However, with so many fintech companies in existence, it can sometimes be difficult for new startups to gain a foothold in this changing market.

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To stand out in the competition, the best way is email marketing. It provides one of the easiest ways to achieve this goal by allowing firms to reach out directly to potential clients and existing customers. It is crucial for the digital marketer to understand the necessary procedures to take when email marketing for a B2B financial services company. Email marketing is used by many businesses because it is an easy and cheap form of targeted advertising. It has many advantages over other types of marketing:

Email marketing is an efficient way to reach large numbers of people at a relatively low cost. In an eMarketer survey, email marketing was shown to have a 122 percent return on investment.

It allows businesses to communicate directly with their clients in their personal email inboxes.

This personalization of the customer experience helps businesses foster trust and build relationships.

If you run a B2B fintech (financial technology) company that has not yet established an email marketing strategy, now it’s the best time to do. We’ve put together the following tips to help you handle e-mail campaigns effectively in today’s highly competitive industry.

Six Awesome Email Marketing Tips For B2B Financial Services

Email Marketing for financial services should be all about delivering value. It isn’t about the number of emails you send, but the quality of each email with the goal of building long-term relationships. Following are six email marketing tips that every digital marketer in fintech company should know:

1. Do Warm Welcome

Welcome emails are a great way to help you retain new customers and build strong relationships with them. Welcome email campaigns have open rates of 50% on average, making them 86% more efficient than newsletters. Customers who receive a welcome email show a 33% increase in interest in your brand. Most people expect to receive a welcome e-mail as soon as after signing up for your newsletter. If you do not send one, you risk establishing a great relationship with your client—but it won’t be the best one possible. Start with a simple message and continue in that vein.

  1. Deliver value to the customer.
  2. Share the advantages they get from working with you.
  3. Give them one more step, whether it’s reading a blog post, signing up for a webinar, or booking a call.
  4. Convey to them what they will get from the email in the future.
  5. Explain about you and how you can assist them.

2. Bring Personal Value

Personalization is essential in any kind of industry, but especially in fintech, where revenue, profit, and customer base can vary greatly from company to company. Providing a unique experience for each B2B buyer makes the sales process smoother, which increases customer retention. According to a survey conducted, 96 percent of marketers who personalize their customer experiences report better customer relationships. Email is a great place to start personalizing the experience.

3. Sharing Beneficial Resources

It’s not enough to simply send out one promotional email. It is important to consider both promotional and educational content when developing your email marketing strategy. While you want to promote your products or services, you also want to share valuable resources that help build trust in you as an expert in your field.

4. Inject Your Brand’s Persona

The B2B financial services industry is often perceived as boring and complicated. However, you can bring life to your business through email marketing campaigns that are personal and not complicated. Even in the digital age, people crave human contact. By treating your customers as people and interpreting complex concepts in a friendly way, you will build trust and improve your success.

5. Count On Onboarding Emails

When customers sign up for your service, you don’t want to send an email that’s hard to understand or difficult to navigate. Instead, welcome them by providing a clear explanation of how they can use your product, what to expect and what they should do next. Onboarding emails are a great way to provide this information.

6. Showcase Your Expertise

A B2B client is looking for a financial brand to work with trust. Money is a sensitive topic, so it’s important to put your knowledge in email letters to build trust. Use these letters to share surveys, reports, case studies, and industry trends that showcase your knowledge and achievements to help people see why they should choose you over the competition.

Not Before? Now It’s The Best Time To Start Email Marketing

In today’s competitive B2B financial services market, companies face stiff competition

from a vast array of brands. Hence, companies must strive to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One way to accomplish this is by building a deeper relationship with customers through personal interaction. Email marketing is more effective.

To ensure that your email marketing efforts are successful, share resources and send welcome emails, create approval sequences to streamline the process of approving content for publication, and personalize emails as much as possible. This will increase customer loyalty and boost sales at the same time.

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