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5 Patient Engagement-Boosting Email Marketing Campaigns
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By far one of the most effective marketing channels is email. When you use email as part of your marketing strategy, it can have a return on investment of around 4300% as per Direct Marketing Association statistics. Because patients' inboxes provide a visible space where they can engage with your brand, a connection that cannot be made on social media platforms.

As a communication tool, email can be used to generate leads, nurture customers and sell products. It's versatile enough to handle almost any marketing task, including lead nurturing and direct selling. And although it's not known for its scientific accuracy, statistics do show that email marketing is a force to be reckoned with. For example:

In the U.S, Email Marketing spending increased to $3.07 billion in 2019 compared to $2.07 billion in 2014 (Statistica)

An email has an average ROI of 122%, more than 4X that of other marketing platforms. (DMA & Demand Metric)

Almost 89 percent of e-mail marketers use email as the main channel for generating leads. (Mailgen)

Over 21% of emails are opened within the first hour of being sent. (GetResponse)

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Email Marketing – Great Campaign Idea

An email marketing campaign can be great for many different types of businesses, especially healthcare. Email marketing is a proven marketing channel to reach the target audience and entice them to buy products. It is a powerful tool that can help the healthcare company to generate leads and increase the conversion rate.

An email marketing campaign involves the use of a healthcare industry email list targeting potential customers with specific content, offers, and deals in order to convince them to take the desired action, such as “buy now".

The best emails are relevant and timely, with a clear call-to-action, compelling content, and valuable offers.

Know more by reading this article – Why Buy an Email List Today? 8 Reasons

Best Email Marketing Practices To Boost Medical Campaigns

1. Engaging Email

This email’s purpose is to build a brand and tell a story, not to convert a potential customer. Its goal is to maintain the interest and involvement of current and potential patients in the brand, even if they are reluctant to make an appointment. When your potential patients are ready to visit, they already have trust and a relationship with your healthcare brand. You can get creative with this email engagement and consider adding images or links to audio & video. One of the engagement emails is a welcome email.

2. Lead Generation Email

You can use email marketing to generate new leads by offering your patients something of interest to them. After receiving the welcome e-mail, you can now arrange the patient in your practice according to his interests. By following this campaign, you can help potential customers become patients by focusing on their interests.

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3. Informative Email

Here's a great way to show patients what you can do for them. It can also be a good way to see if they're interested in trying your services or products. The best part is that it can give them some ideas about how they can improve their lives!

You can educate your patients on how your products or services can help them improve their health and lifestyle by including links and customer testimonials about the products featured in the video. Email healthcare letters confirm your commitment to patient care, and let patients know you are thinking about them. You can also follow up with an email that includes your contact information.

4. Product Announcement Email

To help patients remember the healthcare product or service, you may want to send out a list of upcoming deliveries. Product or service emails are important in communicating messages to patients. In these emails, the letter’s purpose is to encourage readers to learn about new products and services. Attractive graphics and eye-catching images are important for this type of email; an attractive e-mail also describes the new and interesting product features.

5. Product Feedback & Surveys

Let's get your patient emails noticed by sending a welcome email at the beginning of each patient's journey. This will help spread the word about your business and encourage positive feedback from real patients.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms can help you collect feedback from your patients. Share positive feedback with them on your page, as well as send email letters asking loyal patients to write encouraging feedback about your practice. If the patient is satisfied with the practice, he will be very pleased with it.

Email Marketing To Healthcare Business- What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of email marketing for healthcare businesses are many but let us take a look at some of the top reasons why this is a perfect marketing channel for healthcare businesses. Some of the advantages include:

• Email Marketing Is Easily Trackable – Customers can be easily tracked and analyzed by their interests with email. This information helps improve content creation and offers.

• Email Marketing Can Be Cost Effective – It costs less to send emails than it does to invest in television or radio advertising, print media, or outdoor advertising, so email can be seen as an affordable option.

• Personalized And Highly Targeted Content – Online marketers are always looking for ways to improve the performance of their ads and increase their conversion rates. This can be difficult to do with all the clutter on social media these days.

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Email Marketing has become an integral part of your marketing strategy in the healthcare industry. By using this as a qualified lead generation tool, you can connect with patients at a personal level and grow your medical practice.

E-mail marketing ensures direct communication with past, existing, and potential patients. By making these interactions fun and engaging, you can build long-term bonding that develops your practice through referrals.

If you're concerned about how and what to send, let us take the load off. Our database is filled with real prospects looking to listen and respond to your message. Don't let your email marketing overwhelm you. Let us help you with your practice's database and show you what marketing automation is all about. Call today to learn more about how to save valuable time on email marketing with our customized b2b healthcare email lists.

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