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10 top tips for writing an email

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10 top tips for writing an email
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10 top tips for writing an email

1 Objective

It’s important to set clear objectives in your brief. Whether it’s to drive traffic to other channels, increase engagement, or drives sales. It’s vital that the tea writing and designing the email can do so with the purpose of the email in mind. This will ensure that the output is effective and gets the desired response.

2 Audience

Don’ts just tell your creative team an age range or gender. Try and paint a picture of who the target audience is what might they be interested in? How do they usually engage with emails? What distractions they might have? This will help copywriters and designers to create an email that grabs the attention of the intended audience, increasing the open rate and response rate.

3 Finished output

If a lot of recipients of your email are likely to open it on a mobile phone or tablet, its important that your email is responsive, this should be outlined from the onset so that consideration can be given to the design and how the desktop version will change when opened on a mobile devise or tablet.

4 Main proposition

Emails are a cost-effective way of delivering lots of information to your audience but your audience but the main proportion is just that as important in email marketing as it is in traditional print marketing this should be clear and concise so that the rest of the copy can be constructed around this.

5 Content

Letting your creative team know what will be going on in the email is particularly important if the email is responsive as most responsive emails work to a template in terms of structure this means the designer will be able to create an email to a template that works best with the amount and the nature of the content.

6 Live date

Providing the live date of the email means that the copywriter and the designer can think about any events around the time the email will send out that could affect the content or design it also means that the team knows when the final files will need to be ready to send to the interactive developers to meet the live date.

7 Testing

It’s always good to perform a controlled test on your emails whenever you can change one variant from the style of the navigation to personalization and animation means that you can ensure that all the best-performing variations and styles are used in the feature emails to enhance engagement.

8 Budget

There are a lot of impressive elements that can be included in emails now from live countdowns to weather updates specific to where you open your email being clear about your budget upfront will give designers an idea of limitations of what can be included or if you have more budget than usual interactive developers will be able to recommend added features relevant to email.

9 Is this part of a wider campaign?

If the email is part of a wider campaign this should give the copywriter and designer an idea of what other pieces of communication are being created and how/when they will be received along with the overachieving campaign proportion.

10 Consider the onward journey

It is important that when an email recipient clicks on the call-to-action button in your email the journey that they go on from the email through your website is linear and not confusing particularly if they are purchasing a product or service the journey should be optimized before briefing the email.


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