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What Is A SIC Code?

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are four-digit numerical codes assigned by the U.S. government to business establishments to identify the primary purpose of the business. The classification records all economic activities. Companies use SIC codes to identify customers by industry code to identify competitors, public and private firms.

What Is A NAICS Code?

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is used by businesses and governments for the classification of various businesses to measure the economic activity in United States, Canada, and Mexico. NAICS is 6-digit code system that is currently the standard code used to find out the individual business locations.


Why Gilbert’s SIC / NAICS Code Append Service?

Our SIC / NAICS Append Service:

We help you to add all SIC / NAICS Codes of your consumers, businesses, and your competitors to target your clients. This is a simple way to get high profits in targeted marketing.

What Percentage Do We Append?

Gilbert’s appending rate ranges from 70% to 90% for B2B records based on the quality of your data provided to us and the list of companies data you want.

sic code appending service


How Do We Append Data? 

Step 1 – Submit

We analyze the quality and fill with your data file


Step 2 – Match Test

After a match test, we will fix price per record


Step 3 – Process

Match your entire database with our master database


Step 4 – Records Verified

Successful matches are verified by our in-house verification experts to ensure valid data

Get Verified & Customized SIC / NAICS Appending Services.

Refine Your List

  • Industry
  • NAICS / SIC Codes or Ranges
  • Email Address
  • State or City
  • Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Web Address

Our Data Speciality

  • High-Quality Fresh Records
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Unlimited Usage
  • One-click Download
  • 100% Verified Email Lists
  • SIC Organized
  • MS Excel supported .CSV file types

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We Help You To Get High Quality B2B Leads From SIC / NAICS Appending Services.

How To Maximize Your ROI With Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

Start Your Email Campaign With Targeted Industry Contacts.

  • 100% SMTP Verified Email Lists + 100% Free Match Test
  • Higher Match Rates – Over 50% to 95%+
  • Quality Control – Through Automated Email Validation Services
  • Fastest Turnaround – Receive your match report within 48 hours!

Get A FREE Sample Email List

How Gilbert Data Help Your Business Grow With SIC / NAICS Code Appending Services?

Gilbert Data offers products and services to deliver NAICS and SIC codes for your business records, to enhance your client’s relationship, scenarios, and businesses. NAICS, or The North American Industry Classification System, is used to catalog and to measure businesses in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It is often used in combination with or instead of the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system.

Both are economy-based codes used to determine what kind of industry into which a business can be characterized. NAICS switched SIC codes for the most parts due to surplus technology-based classification, the market trends lifted as required and the Internet grew up, but many companies find SIC codes more important for their needs.

NAICS and SIC provide marketing and sales awareness into individual business positions by establishing companies into industry-specific categories according to their key line of business. By putting every business into segments, subsectors, industry groups, and industries, these scheme offers you better access to know who you’re marketing to investments in their revenue, and the target markets you need to grasp.

Get Verified & Customized SIC Code & NAICS Append Service Now